Financial Planners vs Accountants – Who Do I Need For Retirement Planning?

When you’re searching for financial advice, you might be trying to decide between a financial planner and an accountant. You might need just one or both. At some point in time, it makes sense to have extra help figuring out your finances, especially when you’re planning to invest or filing your taxes. You might require help with budgeting or setting up the system that helps you manage your expenses.

When to Use an Accountant?

Majority of people don’t require an accountant. Accountants are there to help you with particular problems that many people don’t have. But, there are some situations where using accountants may help you save more money and these include the following:

  • One of the reasons why somebody might consider getting accountants is when it’s time to do taxes. You must be able to do taxes on your own using tax preparation software, yet if you have your own business or big investments, you need to consider searching for an accountant to do taxes for you such as
  • If you’re rich and run a business, you might want to get an accountant to help you understand each law that surrounds your taxes and bookkeeping.
  • If you have rentals and real estate properties, you might also consider hiring an accountant. It’s like owning your business and an accountant may help you predict the cash flow.


When to Use a Financial Planner?

If you’re searching for advice on budgeting, getting out of debts or investing you might be finding a financial planner. Financial planners may work in 2 various ways. A financial planner can help you plan your budget and work out your financial plan to make more money. The other way is that financial planners get a commission on the products that they sell to you. The best financial planner would encourage you to get out of debts before you start investing your money. If you require assistance when setting up your plans to get out of debts or your budget you might be better off searching for a financial planner who you pay to meet. Financial planners may also help you when you’re ready to start investing your money. Your bank can also offer you financial planning solutions or you could ask your friends for referrals to their financial planner.

Do You Need Accountants or Financial Planners?

If you have a business, your financial planner and accountant must be working together with you so you’ll be able to realise your dreams. Several accountants are also working as financial planners. It’s essential to trust both your accountant and financial planner. They must be able to explain the problems about your finances in a way that you’d understand. You must also understand the risks with every investment before making it. As an owner of a small business, you must be knowledgeable on how each of your books is set up and other information you have to input daily. Accountants are real assets of small businesses. If you’re working with somebody when it comes to your taxes, you can be assured that you will experience peace of mind. Although it isn’t a must to have an accountant for your small business, it’s necessary to spend money if you want your finances to be straightforward and simple.