Learn How To Fill a Bean Bag in Less Than 3 Minutes

 How to Fill A Bean Bag in Less than 3 minutes

Some people consider filling a bean bag to be a tiresome and cumbersome exercise. Well, it depends on how you do it. Of course, it can be very boring if you do not know how to do it right and end up taking hours to fill the bean bag instead of minutes.

Before getting into the exercise, there are a couple of preparations that should be made. First and foremost, ensure that you are not doing this alone. You could have one or two friends or relatives come to help you. This is because filling a bean bag alone could be really difficult.

It is also important that this exercise be done indoors. This is because the beads are very light and could be easily blown away. Ensure you turn off any air conditioners and fans that can cause air movements. Also, make sure that babies and pets are kept somewhere safe away from the beads. Ingestion of these beads could very easily cause asphyxiation.

Well then, here are some tips that will ensure you fill your bean bag in less than three minutes while enjoying the exercise:

Workplace preparation

When procuring a bean bag cover, it is prime that you acquire one that has an inner liner. This ensures that the filling is easier. It also allows you to substitute covers as required. Ensure that your workspace is clean and properly vacuumed. Also, use a workspace with a tiled floor. This makes it easier to clean when all is done.

Funnel fabrication

A funnel is essential for bean bag filling. This can be easily made using a plastic bucket. Any other frustum-shaped plastic material can also be used to fabricate the funnel. The funnel is made by cutting off the closed end of the bucket using a knife or any other sharp objects.

The next step is to undo the zipper on the inner liner bag. Fit the fabricated funnel into the hole and secure the zippers around it.

Bean bag filling

Bean bag filling is usually parked in different bag sizes. The most common packets are usually 100-litre bags.

Cut open the bag of fillings along the edge of the width to almost half. Have one of you hold the funnel up while the other pours the beads into it. Make sure that the contents of the bag are pouring into the inner liner bag and not on the floor!

Make sure that you are careful not to overfill the bean bag. Overfilling makes the bean bag uncomfortable and only puts undue pressure on the zipper and stitching. A broadly accurate principal shows that a bean bag should be filled to almost three-thirds of its capacity. At the back of your mind, remember that addition of filling is way easier than removing the same.

Finally, you can now place the filled inner liner bag inside its cover. It is done. This procedure applies for filling both indoor and quality outdoor bean bags.

Final clean up

After all is done and completed, all you have to do is clean up. To clean up, simply use a vacuum cleaner to tidy up.