Is Search Engine Optimisation In Belfast Different?

When it comes to search engine optimisation in Belfast, the strategies that businesses in the British capital city need to implement to improve their domain SERP rankings are the same as those businesses located in all major cities around the globe need to implement. The only difference is that businesses in the UK might prefer to work with locally-based SEO agencies and internet marketing firms who have knowledge of UK culture. When hiring content writers, London-based businesses might also prefer to work with people who have knowledge of the difference between UK English and US English.

The truth is that in 2019, many businesses make the decision to carry out their own SEO work rather than to outsource the task to an external professional service provider. While there are lots of great companies offering affordable SEO services in operation, the DIY approach gives businesses a lot more control over who has access to information about their operations. What’s more, there are lots of free online resources available for learning the basics of effective SEO.

It’s important to know that internet search engine industry constantly evolving. As a consequence, when searching for SEO tips online, you need to ensure you are referring to up-to-date sources. Many ranking strategies that worked just six months ago are now completely obsolete. With that in mind, here are 5 SEO tips for 2019 from

1. Upload Unique, High-Quality Content
Every page on your website should contain unique, high-quality content. You should also ensure that you only use high-quality articles for backlink building purposes. Google’s AI is now better than ever at analysing the quality of written content and identifying any plagiarism.

2. Keyword Research Is Vital
Taking the time to carry out in-depth keyword research is one of the most important parts of creating a successful SEO campaign. You need to look for keywords related to your niche that have high monthly search volumes and low competition properties. Don’t forget to explore local keywords and long tail keywords if you run a business in a very competitive sector.

3. Track Your Results
When you start a new SEO campaign for a selection of targeted keywords, tracking your progress along the way is very important. That way, if you notice that a technique is not working, or even having a negative impact on SERP rankings, you can make adjustments to your approach. Furthermore, if you notice a certain strategy worked really well for one keyword, you can duplicate it for other keywords on your list.

4. Leverage Video Marketing
As internet speeds have improved, and the cost of bandwidth has decreased, online video content is more popular than ever. Adding video content to your website can help to improve positions on SERP pages; however, the main way to leverage video marketing is to learn how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website.

You can find more detailed SEO guides online. Just remember to search for guides that contain up-to-date information. In 2018, Google made over 3,200 updates to their algorithm. So, the importance of seeking up-to-date guides should be evident.